All In One Solar Street lights

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Solar powered street lights is a good solution for these area such do not have enough power,or need huge human cost to laying wires,and also for the region where need a environment friendly energy.

We research some news and tech article,people we talk about mostly about the traditional solar street lights,the old past solar street lights,means not use the newest and advanced technology.

Now we talk about the all in one solar street lights,it is a new one, it is an innovation technology,check the below pictures you will see the all in one solar street lights,what it is ,and what is the advantage.

All in one solar street lights,the solar panel,the led lamp,the battery all in one,integrated .

1: Power saving,clean energy,no need any electric power, no need any power wire .
2:Easy to install, just tighten the screws to the pole,very easy, no need professional person to install,everyone can install it quickly.
3:Easy to maintain,all in one design,each part are separated,there are connectors,just plug out and into,very easy.
4:Easy to replace any parts, if some parts have problem,replace it ,very easy .
5:High quality,stable,the battery,the led light,the solar panel all are high quality ones,long life use.
That will save your money,and save the human cost,easy and quickly install and maintain,less trouble for install and maintain.
SO we can say this is really a very good and advanced products.
Also we offer a 5 years full products guarantee,you do not need worry about any products problem,if over the warranty period,any default ,we can supply the accessories,you can replace them very easy .and usually the led lamp,the solar panel,the battery can work more than 5 years,some can last to 25 years .
By using these new all in one solar street lights,less trouble,easy install,easy to maintain,easy to replace,long life use,durable,high quality.
Check products details check :All in one Solar street lights
Or you can check the some of the projects for your reference.The projects of all in one solar street lights

We are now thinking why so many manufacturer/factory rush to solar street lights fields,especially in recently years,it means from the year of 2010 till now.

Just like they just come out one night,we are not afraid of competition,because we are confidence with our products,but we are care about the health market environment,because some of manufacturer/factory just rush to the hot market and hot products, they just want to earn some fast money and then left, they do not focus on products quality,innovation,customers service,they just need earn money,they will hurt our customers,they will be harm to the solar led street lights market,we do not want to see this happen.

Company like us ,we indicate to high quality and innovative products , focus on and keep good customers service, take much effort to do a better products ,to make our customers satisfied,we have a responsibility to prevent these bad matters,so we need keep on supplying good products and also with a long term and open strategy.

For the Solar street light,Solar outdoor lights, we are professional Ones,trust us.we will give you a 100% satisfaction.

All In one Solar Street Lights

All In one Solar Street Lights

Today , we are more consider of the power saving,green energy, so the solar is the best way for it .

For the Street Lighting, solar street lights has developed more than 10 years.

In China , you can source many many kinds of solar street lights..

The most important points is , Solar pannel,Led Lights,and battery , they all need to be stable and working long .

You do not wan to fix a street lights within 5 years , 5 years later you can replacement some parts of the device .

So how to find the right solar street lights …?

We are a manufacturer company of solar street lights in China .


Solar Led Street lights factory China

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You want to find a reliable and competitive also with high standard service for the solar led street light products .

That is you want to a manufacturer of solar street lights.

You can choose us as your choice .

I am as a LED products sales since 2004, work for a major brand of China LED manufacturer company.all are home use LED lighting products.

in 2008 year, I am in another LED company, this is for LED street Lights, this is the first time I am working in the street lighting field.

As a sales ,I do win many project in China mainland,as you know ,China is now growing very fast,there are many Road,Street,High Road ,it said ,one day one new road come up. so there are a huge need for the street lights ,the business is very well ,and easy to do ,if you are on this good season point, you just do and you get good paid.

2011 , I noticed that,there is Solar Street Lights, and first time,I think this is really a great products …

So 2012, I and my partner (he is a lighting technology Engineers)built this factory,and then goes to today.

We are a manufacturer company for Solar Street Lights where based in ShenZhen China.

If you are looking for China manufacturer factory for solar street lights, do contact us, you have found the right person .