Some of job wanted

You are welcome to join us .

1. Basic salary + high commission + various bonuses + year-end awards + additional insurance.
2. Overseas and home tour ,twice each year.
3. Staff birthday fruit fruit meal
4. Company quarterly tourism, from time to time dinner play
5. The office provides a cozy and comfortable office and leisure environment.
6. Company provides Chinese food dinner , four dishes and one soup, taste optional
7. The company for the new staff to provide a series of training, with a senior clerk to help new employees togrow and learn quickly.
8. Companies to promote happiness, gratitude, sharing, teamwork, customer first work atmosphere.

We are a factory for the Solar Led Street Lights Products .


Our products is for Lighting,especially for the solar powered street lights, solar outdoor lights.

1: product structure design, mold follow-up.
2, Responsible for the design, production and appearance of the new product according to the requirements of the project.
3, take the initiative to take the initiative to follow up the project, a model assessment, trial mode review and trial production mold acceptance,
4, responsible for product maintenance, technical information related products (bom inspection map) and sign board, closed the case complete and accurate information, structured, focused;
5, dealing with abnormal production and abnormal mold problems, accurate and rapid analysis of the problem and solve, and other departments to communicate smoothly;
6, continuous optimization of the product, by improving the design, improve materials, increase the versatility of the parts to control costs;
7, to complete the arrangements for the department head of the other work.

Technical Skills

1. College degree or above, major in Mechanical Engineering is preferred;
2. More than 2 years experience in product structure design; experience in game peripheral products is preferred;
3. Understand the plastic, die-casting mold structure, a certain understanding of the molding process, a plastic die-casting mold to do with the mold priority experience;
4. Proficient in the use of pro / e and AutoCAD and other related graphics software, skilled to transfer drawings and determine the test standards;
5. Familiar with the product development process, deep understanding of the product structure design, product structure and process can put forward effective improvement program, able to complete the design, design reasonable, clear thinking, to consider the problem; structural reliability and ease of operation analysis and evaluation ;
6, Strict and meticulous work, good work habits and working methods, able to adapt to short-term travel, with a strong ability to withstand stress and adaptability, good communication skills and project management capabilities, the courage to take responsibility, with strong teamwork spirit;
7. Attitude: serious, responsible, positive, active;
8. Have a strong sense of confidentiality, the company all information and information confidential.


1: Responsible for supplier materials control, incoming rate of qualified statistics, and regularly for unqualified suppliers for review.
2: responsible for the establishment of internal inspection standards, and controlled release
3: responsible for the quality of the products outside the supplier, and statistics of bad batches of materials, requiring suppliers to improve
4: deal with abnormal production line, and out of the 8D report to the supplier response, requiring suppliers to complete on time.
5: the development of supplier quality agreement, follow-up of the selection of bad materials working hours, and statistics issued to the procurement requirements to sign back
6: to assist the quality of processing incoming exception handling to ensure the quality of incoming materials to ensure smooth shipment does not affect the production line.

Technical Skills

1,BS Degreen or above,

2:CET-4 English level
3, Age: SQE 25 --- 30 years old
4, Education: SQE college or above
5, Work experience: SQE for more than 2 years
6, industry experience: a advertising machine, splicing screen, monitor work experience is preferred
7, the ability of quality: communication skills, teamwork ability, subject to management capacity must meet the requirements


Sales for the Solar street lights,Solar outdoor light products.

Oversea market sales.

Technical Skills


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