There are some of the projects of the solar street outdoor lights,few of them for your reference.

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    Solar Led street lights projects in Africa

    We now have more Solar Led street lights projects in Africa. but we still looking for more distributor,if you are in these field of solar led street lights or you are interested in this business,pls freely to contact with us. We are recently win some tender with our Africa partners,they are the road & building construction company,we offer the ...
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    Solar Street Lights Project for the Industry Park

    The solar street lights projects installed in the gate of industry park,It is a industry park zone, it is a hugh range of industry park, size more than 536 acre, divide into 23 different area,each area has their gate,there are trail road to the gate of 23 different Industry park, each area installed more than 30 set of solar street lights, total 69...
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    All in one solar street lights projects in Argentina

    The all in one solar street light in Argentina, it is a public square/plaza projects. the customers firstly consider the green power,but also should consider the brightness of the square,because this is a big public square,there are many people come to the square everyday ,for playing and have fun or some outdoor sports,so high power brightness...
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    All in One Solar street lights in the park

    This is the all in one solar street lights for some park and stadium park. 1:this is the city park,in the center of the city,many people walk there and play game there.power saving Eco-friendly energy is the first consideration. So they accept our solution all in one solar street lights, mixed with 50W all in...
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    All In One Solar Outdoor lamp in the industry zone

    This is an industry park,business area,when then built this industry park, they definite the industry park as the Eco-friendly industry the outdoor lamp need solar power outdoor lamps, they ordered from us the 30W all in one solar outdoor lamp. The projects total 61 Set of 30W all in one solar outdoor lamps in the industry...
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    integrated All in one Solar street lights projects for the fast speed road

    The fast speed road is a new road,consider the labor cost saving and power saving, no need built any power cable ,no need any electric power,just use sunshine,easy to install,that is big saving on the projects cost. so they accept our solution,50W integrated Solar street lights. 1506 Set of integrated all in one Solar street...
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    All in one integrated Solar street lights for the city Road

    This is a fast speed road of the city, the road between two town,totally length is 12.8KM,the city want to install the solar energy street lights,we are lucky to supply the all in one solar street lights to them,after testing the sample,they know the advantage of all in one integrated solar street lights, easy to...
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    All in one solar outdoor lights installed in the seaside

    This is a seaside vacation place in the coastal city,during the summer season,there are many tourist visit here ,have fun and swim in the sea.people love this kinds of place,even evening ,there are still some people walk at the seaside or play game here, so they consider installed some outdoor lights, for the power saving...