We all know clear energy is huge demanded today. if you are looking for the solar street lights,you need choose the all in one solar street lights.

These words will let you know why you need all in one solar street lights.

So we consider the lighting ,firstly, we think the street lighting on the road, highway,park,school,public area,even for your garden ,we can use the new and solar power saving solar lighting .specially for the all in one solar street light.

Compare with the old and traditional lighting which use the electric power,the solar powered lighting has great advantage ;

All in one solar street light,the Solar Panel,Battery,Led lights,all in one, integrated  into one Aluminum board,please check the below pictures

all in one solar street lights

The Advantage for all in one Solar street light .

1:All in one integrated structure,beautiful appearance,saving space,good for shipping and packing.

2:Power Saving: No need any electric power, no need any electric wire,clear energy ,environment friendly .

3:Easy to transport (ship) , all in one box .

4:Easy to installation, no need any professional person to do so,no need train any person to do , very easy, just Tighten the screws and fix to the pole ,anyone can do it,you can saving much on human cost ,

5:Easy to maintain,Integrated (all in one) design can save you from spending hours in finding lamp problems when separate street lamp is not working,very easy to find problem and very easy to repair.

6:Easy to replacement, if any part damaged,just replace it ,very easy, plug out and plug in ,all the interface and cable port are ready to do any replacement ,no need any profession knowledge,and it will not cost too much time.

7:Very stable,and high quality, our all in one solar street lights has been widely used in the road,highway,park,beach,and garden,they all are works very good , good condition .

8:the Solar panel and Led chip which all are the high quality ones, from USA top brand .

9:We have the All in one Solar street lights from 5W-80W and 120W will coming soon, from the low power to the high power lighting,the brightness from 800 Lumen  to 8800 Lumen to high power 12000 Lumen which can meet many different outdoor solar lighting application and can be used for 3M height pole and to 5M 8M,10M 12M pole .

The following are some of all in one solar street light.

solar led street lights
Led Solar Street lights

Today ,we are more consider about the green and Environmental Protection, so we care much about the power saving. more clean energy is used and will be used to our everyday life . the lighting is most ordinary power energy in our life . they cost too much electric power .

The nature give us a gift,that is sunshine, so solar lights is become more and more popular.

Our company is for the solar powered street lights,we are the factory that focus on power saving street lighting .

compare with the traditional street lights, the solar street lights have very big advantage. power saving, green energy, no need electric power.easy to install, easy to maintain, human cost saving. long life ,durable.

So , someone we consider the price of solar street lights, is that expensive? No , we do not think so, solar street lights price is very cheap , what’s more, we know they are power saving, human cost saving, that will save much money . we have solar street lights from 8W -80W , and continue to 100W or more . trust me , the total price is very cheap ,  so just let me know your requirements or projects information, we can give some advice to you .

For the more details about the solar street lights price, just contact us .

For the price details,please freely to contact us.

For very sure,we will offer you the very competitive price,also with the high standard quality solar street lights.

There are some questions and answer you may want to know as following :

1:how about your company ?
We are a manufacturing company,our factory focus on all in one Solar powered Street lights.
We have R&D Technology department,designer department,production department,Quality Control department .

2: What is all in one means .
All in one means , the Solar Panel, Battery, Led lamps integrated one board .
included the sensors .check the following pictures.

all in one solar street light

All in one solar street light

3:How about the quality ?
start from the material to finished products, 100% 3 times quality testing.
The led lamp chip is Bridgelux (USA Made High Quality) ,Solar Panel is high efficiency monocrystalline silicon (USA Made High Quality)
The Battery also is the High quality Lithium ion battery.

4:What is the Warranty ?
We offer a full 2 years warranty ,free replacement.

5:What is the shippment?
For Sample order and small order, we suggest Air shipping.
Other Order Sea shipping, FOB and CIF term all are available.

6:Can we be your distributor ?
Yes, we are looking for distributors ,if you can expand the market well, you can be our exclusive distributor in your region or country.
We will give full supports on price discount,included the all products and replacement accessories.
All the customers from your region and country contact us, we will ask them to contact our local distributor.

7:How long about the charge time and working time ?
In Sunny day,enough sunshine, 6-8 hours ,the light will be full charged,one Full charge, it will work 15-30 hours,different work mode .

8:What is the motion sensor ?
The motion sensor means,when there are some people / car pass or walk under the street lights,the motion sensors will work,the lights will be 100% brightness.
but if there is no people/ car pass under the street lights, the street lights will be 50% brightness, this is a power saving mode.

9:Tell me the advantage of the All in one Solar Street Lights .

firstly,power saving,no need electric power.
green energy,Environment friendly.
Easy to install,no need cable, just tighten the screws and fix to the pole.
Easy to maintain,easy to replacement,just plug and unplug, no need any technical person.

Today, the issue of resources had been talking more and more frequently,as we know the resource is limited, one day it will be run out .but there are some resource is endless,what’s more,they are green and clean resource,this is wind and Sunshine source.

Now we are talk about the Solar Street Lights, this is an power saving and clean road lighting solutions,especially in these region that have rich sunshine .no need any electric power, just a solar panel supply the power ,and Lithium ion battery store the power, and the Lithium ion battery supply the power to the Led lamps , that is a all in one solution, easy ,convenient,economy , the Led lights and Battery can be used as long as 5 years, also it is very easy to replacements, the Solar Panel can be used as long as 25 years , they all are stable and long life ones. but it will save you too much on power cost, human cost, installation cost,even replace cost ,totally is a great saving .

We are a manufacturer ,factory which focus on all in one Solar Street Lights.All in one means,the Solar Panel,Led lamp, battery all in one ,integrated.  The advantage of all in one Solar Street lights as following:Easy carry/ship . easy maintain,install, easy replace, no need professional person to do this work, saving big on human cost .the motion sensors control the brightness of lights,when people pass /walk under the street lights, the Street Light will be 100% brightness,but when there is no people pass /walk underthe street lights, the brightness can be 50-90% brightness (you can adjust it ) The Solar Panel made in USA (monocrystalline silicon) ,the Led lamp also made in USA (Bridgelux)The quality is very good ,stable . This solar lighting can be as solar street lights and also can be as the solar outdoor lighting. Check the products picture, you will know what it is  . As a factory of all in one Solar Street Lights, we can offer high quality and competitive price solar street lights.If any inquiry or questions or comments, you can freely to contact us.Check contact us page ,you will find us . Looking for Solar Street Light factory ? we are your best choice, just freely to